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Published: 05th June 2009
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Are you hoping to run a county jail inmate search? Perhaps you have a anxiety that someone in your neighborhood has been in jail? It is possible to search through a state department of corrections website as some of them permit a cheap inmate search. Many of these websites have databases which contain court records on inmates who are currently incarcerated in one of the Department of Corrections facilities and also inmates who have been released in the past 2 weeks. Not all counties have this website facility, however, so if you are interested to make a county jail inmate search for free you should use a search engine for your specific department of corrections.

There are only three ways that you can search through the Department of Corrections inmate database. The first is by entering an offender's identification number. You just input the inmate's Department of Corrections ID or Case Number. Each inmate is given a specific number for identification. There is also a Case Number which refers to a sentencing file specific to their individual case. An inmate can only have one State Department of Corrections ID but can have several case numbers. If you know this information it can provide you with an accurate search result.

You can also perform a County Jail Inmate Search by entering the inmate's name on the website. You can either enter an inmate's complete first, middle and last name or just put part of the names. The inmate search database system will give you a list of inmates whose names begin with the letters you have typed. For example, if you enter Chr,Bart you may get Chris Barton, Christian Bartoni, Christina Bartez. This is good when you aren't sure about the full name you are searching for, but obviously can leave you with a long list of possible matches on the website. Doing a County Jail Inmate Search with specific information is better than rough estimates, so if you can do your research before trying to access the website you will be more successful.

The last way to do a county jail inmate search is by 'Alias'. This is quite common with habitual criminals, who try and avoid capture or recognition by using an assumed name. In order to get the search to work you have to format the alias of the inmate with the last name first, a comma, and then the first name. There should be no spaces before and after the comma. You need to enter the first two letters of an inmate's last name if you want to search through the 'Alias' option. For example: Brown,Ch or Johnson,Do .

As I mentioned earlier, not all state or counties have the county jail inmate search capability. If you are interested on getting more information about a particular inmate, you could try other websites that can give you more information and records on inmates for a small fee, usually around $35 for a year's access. An example of this is . The advantage of using a site like this is that you have access to all kinds of other records as well as an inmate search. You can search the sex offenders registry, as well as all common public records like birth records, death records, marriage and divorce records, telephone and property searches and much, much more. If you have a number of searches you would like to make, and are interested in a wider search than just a county jail inmate search then I would recommend having a peek at what they have to offer.

Chris Barton runs County Jail Inmate Search website, where you can find public records of all kinds, from birth records to death records, marriage records to divorce records, people searches to county court records - all are available at the click of a mouse.

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